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Role: Moderator (formerly)
Also known as Roller
Gender: Male
Lives in United States
Website: YouTube

RollerC is a former moderator of Mega Man Maker centered on the forums and on the Discord server, while also helping moderate the Wiki to some extent. He was accepted as a moderator on September 23, 2018 and was promoted to full moderator in October 21. RollerC had previous experience from moderating the Mario Fan Games Galaxy forums and the Discord server "Let Me Level With You". Due to time constraints and personal reasons, he resigned on November 4, 2019.

In the forums, RollerC created subforums to give community feedback and to discuss about the Wiki as opposed to a megathread. His idea for a Community Feedback forum came from the Mario Fan Games Galaxy forums, where he also got the idea to create a subforum for resolved suggestions. His reason to create this section was to allow community suggestions to be seen without being buried in a single megathread and reuniting fans to post suggestions there. Alongside BigMaster, he helped to overhaul the Mega Man Maker Official Wiki to make it in form with more complete wikis by helping to update the rules and creating guidelines. Also, after Roller and BigMaster saw the Wiki being filled with links to user pages, they decided to work on pages for people, including the developers. In the Mega Man Maker subreddit, RollerC created flairs for the posts to facilitate their categorization.[1]

After Mors' original YouTube channel was terminated, RollerC made a video for the Mega Man Maker website.

Roller makes videos and music and moderates the subreddit for the video game Celeste, r/celestegame.