Mega Man IV

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Box art for Mega Man IV

Mega Man IV (released in Japan as "Rockman World 4") is the fourth Mega Man installment on the Game Boy. It was released in Japan on October 29, 1993 and in North America in December 12 1993.

Like other Mega Man GB/World games, Mega Man IV have two sets of robot masters, four from Mega Man 4 and four from Mega Man 5. Mega Man IV also uses BEAT plates for the first time and introduces third Mega Man killer - Ballade. Unlike other GB games, Mega Man IV features an intro cutscene.

In Mega Man Maker

Prior to version 1.8.0, only assets that made to the game are Ballade related, but as their Mega Man 10 versions. However, some modifications made to certain assets that make a reappearance in Mega Man IV have been implemented into Mega Man Maker.

Due to 1.8.0 featuring content from every Game Boy Game, several extra assets from Mega Man IV were included.



Level Objects


  • Toad GB IV Tile
  • Toad GB IV Tile 2
  • Toad GB IV Tile 2 (alt)
  • Bright GB IV Tile
  • Pharaoh GB IV Tile
  • Ring GB IV Tile 1
  • Ring GB IV Tile 2
  • Ring GB IV Tile 2 (alt)
  • Crystal GB IV Tile 1
  • Crystal GB IV Tile 1 (alt)
  • Crystal GB IV Tile 2
  • Napalm GB IV Tile
  • Stone GB IV Tile
  • Charge GB IV Tile 1
  • Charge GB IV Tile 2
  • Wily GB IV Tile 1
  • Wily GB IV Tile 2
  • Wily GB IV Tile 3
  • Wily GB IV Tile 4


  • Bright Spike GB IV
  • Charge Spike GB IV
  • Crystal Spike GB IV
  • Crystal Spike GB IV (alt)
  • Pharaoh Spike GB IV
  • Ring Spike GB IV
  • Stone Spike GB IV
  • Toad Spike GB IV
  • Wily Spike GB IV


  • Toad Ladder GB IV
  • Bright Ladder GB IV
  • Ring Ladder GB IV
  • Crystal Ladder GB IV
  • Napalm Ladder GB IV
  • Stone Ladder GB IV
  • Charge Ladder GB IV
  • Wily Ladder GB IV


  • Toad Water GB IV
  • Toad Water GB IV (alt)


  • Robot Master GB IV (boss)
  • Ballade GB 4 (boss)
  • Wily Giant Robot GB IV (boss)
  • Wily Stage 1 GB IV


  • Toad GB IV BG
  • Bright GB IV BG
  • Ring GB IV BG
  • Crystal GB IV BG
  • Napalm GB IV BG
  • Charge GB IV BG
  • Ending GB IV BG
  • Wily GB IV BG 1
  • Wily GB IV BG 2
  • Wily GB IV BG 3
  • Wily GB IV BG 4
  • Wily GB IV BG 5
  • Wily GB IV BG 6
  • Wily GB IV BG 7
  • Wily GB IV BG 8