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The Rush Jet is a utility weapon from several games in the Mega Man series appearing as early as Mega Man 3. Both Mega Man and Proto Man can use versions of Rush Jet, with Mega Man using the standard Rush Jet and Proto Man using his own custom variant. The active playable character determines which form Rush Jet will take, and it will change to the appropriate variant should a Character Capsule be used to change the playable character between the two mid-stage. However, if the playable character is set to be Bass, rather than simply changing in name and appearance the weapon will instead be swapped for the Treble Boost utility weapon.

For both versions, the weapon cannot be combined with another. Changing the weapon overrides the Jet effect. Pausing in the Weapon Menu also overrides the weapon, even if kept on. While true for all weapons, it is especially important for this one, since ignoring this may cause the player character to fall away.

Rush Jet

Rush Jet
Artwork of Rush Jet.
Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 3

Rush Jet is a utility Weapon featured in Mega Man Maker exclusive to Mega Man. When used, Rush appears and transforms into a rocket sled that can be ridden by the player. Rush will continually fly forward in this state, and the player can control their altitude by pressing up or down or slow down by moving in the opposite direction Rush is traveling in. The player can also fire an uncharged version of the Mega Buster while riding Rush, and may not fire charged buster shots in this state even when Mega Man has Charge enabled. Rush will teleport out if he runs out of Weapon Energy.

Although Rush Jet was first introduced in Mega Man 3, Mega Man Maker uses the version from Mega Man 4. The one from Mega Man 3 could move in any direction freely and did not waste energy when Mega Man jumped out of Rush, while Mega Man 4 and further games modified Rush Jet to make Rush go frontally and waste weapon energy even when not stood on after Rush is moving.

Proto Jet

Proto Jet
Proto Jet.png
Artwork of Proto Man using the Proto Jet.

(Unofficial Fan-Made Artwork)

Category: Weapons
Game of origin: Mega Man 9 & Mega Man 10

Proto Jet is an alternative utility Weapon from Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 that is featured in Mega Man Maker. When used, it summons a rocket sled in the design of Proto Man's shield, that can be ridden by the player. The sled will continually fly forward, and the player can control their altitude by pressing up or down or slow down by moving in the direction opposite to the direction the sled is traveling in. The player can also fire uncharged Proto Buster shots, even if Proto Man has the Proto Strike enabled. This sled will disappear if it runs out of Weapon Energy or if it collides with a wall.

Despite exploding like the Support Items from Mega Man 2, the Proto Jet is identical in function to the Rush Jet.


  • Although the Proto Jet essentially functions identically to Mega Man's Rush Jet, its visual appearance more closely resembles Item-2 from Mega Man 2.
  • In Mega Man 7, Rush Jet was again nerfed so that Rush was capable of taking damage. If Rush took damage, he would despawn causing Mega Man to fall if he was riding him. This nerf was since reversed in Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, where Rush Jet went back to using the functionality it is most commonly known for from Mega Man 4.
  • In Mega Man 11, due to Rush utilities no longer being tied to weapon slots, Mega Man can charge his buster and shoot Charged Shots while using Rush Jet. These newer Rush utility features however are not used in Mega Man Maker.