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Version 1.6.3 was a minor update to Mega Man Maker and the last update of 1.6.0, centered on reducing lag of multiplayer editing and fixing glitches. This update was released on March 23, 2020.



  • Significantly reduced lag when building large levels online.

Fixed Bugs

  • Crabbot starts moving in the wrong direction. The fix for this does not apply to levels made in previous versions.
  • Mechakkero moves in the air even when not jumping. This can result in collision problems. The fix for this does not apply to levels made in previous versions.
  • Mash Burner on connected screens can respawn with the wrong sprite when walking.
  • Kaona Geeno's head will fall off when teleporting into a section above you.
  • Mash Burner reacts improperly when hit and killed by ice weapons.
  • Horizontal Time Bombs appear to block water in the editor whereas they don't in-game.
  • When a Bari III head is near the top of the screen and you screen transition downward, the head may crush the body pieces below it.
  • Big Fish reflects its weaknesses when frozen by Ice Slasher.
  • When screen transitioning on top of a Sheep Block, it may fail to make surrounding blocks disappear.
  • Mash Burner does not explode into flames when hit by shockwaves of explosions or certain explosive weapons.
  • Kakinba Tank will shoot multiple projectiles when Time Slow is used.
  • Jewel Satellite's reflected projectiles do not break weapon blocks of same type, dust blocks or chill blocks.
  • Shine makes you take no damage from being hit by Bounce Man's fists.
  • Bounce Man's body parts when split by his weakness no longer get destroyed by Charge Kick.
  • Bounce Man's body parts when split get destroyed by weapons such as: Charge Kick, Top Spin and Oil Slider (when riding it).
  • Wheel Cutter is 1 pixel away from the wall when climbing by itself.
  • Proto Man's shield reflects Electriri's electric barrier.
  • Mash Burner does not spawn his topsolid and flame when transitioning the screen while Flash Stopper is activated.
  • Mash Burner does not properly go in the set direction when walking right after being killed by Flash Stopper and reentering the screen.
  • The horizontal position that Pile Driver sends you back to upon hitting a wall is slightly inconsistent.
  • Recents Selection Wheel will display Mets in empty sections which have yet to be populated.
  • 2x1 Weapon barriers do not update their colours when switching characters when the buster is the selected weapon.
  • The animation of Hot Dog's fireballs is unaffected by Flash Stopper and Time Slow.
  • Endless Water 2 and 3 descriptions are swapped.
  • Kaona Geeno's head teleports to its starting position if it falls after spawning.
  • Wheel Cutter stops early while riding it for solid collision and key doors leaving a space between the ceiling and mega man's head.
  • Wheel Cutter has a strange jitter when standing half on a solid and half on a ladder when trying to climb up a wall.
  • Weapon locking does not work for Multi Bosses when the first placed boss does not drop any weapon.
  • Level Card boss icon is wrong when: Sheep, Pump, Blast or Bounce Man are the last boss in a stage after removing another boss.
  • Objects which reflect player projectiles reflect Mirror Buster instead of creating a projectile.
  • Mirror Buster creates a projectile for projectile explosions.
  • Crystal Eye does not make projectiles when it hits Crunch Don's hammer hitbox.
  • In the editor, water appears to go through conveyor belts, whereas it does not in-game.
  • When hosting a large level in multiplayer editing using the Direct IP method, it may overload the network socket and disconnect newly joined players.