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The User template is for displaying personal information of a user. It can be used for user pages (namespace User:) or for pages of special people related to Mega Man Maker such as developers and moderators.

For developers, the image used should always be the developer's in-game special profile picture if one is available as not all developers have one. In no custom in-game profile picture is available, it is acceptable to use their Discord profile picture or the equivalent.

Each parameter is listed below with an explanation of their usage:

|name = The name the user is most commonly known by
|image = An image link to represent the user—you must link to an image hosted on the Mega Man Maker wiki
|caption = A description of the image if the image is the user's custom personal staff account profile icon in Mega Man Maker
|role = The user's role(s) in the Mega Man Maker development team or community
|aka = Alternative names that the user is known as
|quote = A special phrase by the user. Ideally, developers should have the quote from the Mega Man Maker website.
|gender = The gender the user identifies as
|lives = Where the user lives
|known = Other projects or works the user is credited with
|discord = The user's unique Discord tag or identifier—for example, rollerC#5125
|forums = The username the user goes by on the Mega Man Maker forums
|id = The user's account ID in Mega Man Maker. In the case of multiple accounts, add the main account used by the user or in the case of a developer with multiple accounts, add the account with a custom profile icon if one is available.
|website = A website made by the user or curated by them that lists their work in some way

All parameters past the role one are optional.


Enemies category.PNG
music is easy to make
Role: Musician
Also known as bruh, fortnite lame
Quote I am the most awesome composer. Or am I?
Gender: Male
Lives in Morocco
Known for stopping time by flying around the world
Discord: User#0000
Forums username: SupermanIsNotClarkKent
In-game account ID: 134143
Website: Wiki homepage