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Well here is my page... even If it's on it's own page. Anyways I'm not making an essay again here we go:


Uranus is a moderator for the Mega Man Maker Forums and the Mega Man Maker Wiki. He was accepted as a trial moderator on the forums on July 21, 2020 during a moderator call and was promoted to full moderator on August 19 of the same year. He was then trialed for the Wiki on August 27, 2020 after he expressed interest in becoming a Wiki moderator and passed the trial phase on October 13, 2020. When the forums were shut down, Uranus lost his mod powers. He was also the last wiki mod hired.

As a forum moderator, Uranus suggested a subforum for modding on the forums which was accepted and also suggested a mod maker role which also lead to a modding channel being created for the Mega Man Maker Official Server along with the same role. As a wiki moderator, Uranus was a supporter for disabling account creation temporarily and has banned over 200 spambots on the wiki before account creation was eventually shut down.

Outside of moderation, Uranus was working with five other writers including NikoPalad, BigMaster, phunguy06, D-Man and supersmashgaming to create a magazine called Light Lab Inc on the Wiki before its cancellation due to a lack of drive. He is also an alpha tester for Mega Man Arena.