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thumbnail of an art level

Art Levels are a level type in Mega Man Maker where the whole point is to create a work of art. These generally come in two types: pictures, and animations.

Art levels are usually large and require the player to look on Webmeka or a similar tool to see what the level looks like zoomed out. Art levels are not required to have text edited tiles, though a large majority of them do because the creator will be able to use whatever tile suits their needs best.

Picture Levels

Picture levels are the most prevalent type of art levels.

These levels are usually fairly simple and generally do not contain a boss or very much of a level at all. Some examples of some picture levels can be found in the table below.

ID Level Name Creator
312898 Download And Go Right For Cool Rm Drawings Dominikcrni
518008 Type This Levels Id In Your Calculator And Turn It Upside Down Doriko
518056 What The Fox Doin Lood
519448 Mega Man Pixel Art Cosmo1234
521988 You Know The Rules And So Do I Master 48
534205 Picture Art - Roll Stone Man And Pukapelly Elvenhero1

Animated Levels

Animated levels are a series of sections that are connected by an Auto section that will draw many pictures to create an animation for the user. Examples of animations can be found at the following levels.

ID Level Name Creator
420422 420420 Is Dead Gg Guys We Did It Lul Marino Sux Weed Lul
500910 Megaman Nukes North Korea After They Take His Hamburger Brodis_cool
520757 The Start Of Pain -paintime- -normal- Vxw


  • There are a number of small drawings in levels, the most common being a smiley face.
  • Although lots of levels before this have had little doodles, the first true art level that still exists may possibly be Pixel Art-hope You Enjoy 2.