Damage Boost

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a gif showing Damage Boosting in action

Damage Boost is a level type in Mega Man Maker. These levels are often covered in instant death and the only way to make progress is to continually taking damage to walk on spikes or cross red lasers. Sometimes these levels involve calculating which enemies do less damage so you have enough health to make it through the rest of the level.

Damage boosting levels are often some of the lowest rated levels in Mega Man Maker. The general consensus is that the majority of players don't like, or don't understand the concept of damage boost levels and give them downvotes.


- The first level with Damage boosting in the title is 16179 - Damage Boost and predictably, the level is all about taking damage to stay alive from instant death. Although this assuredly is NOT the first damage boost level. However, It is the first that acknowledged itself as being this level type.