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Mega Man Maker has been in ongoing development after its release date and the development team has worked on updates that fix glitches and bring more content. Due to this, it has multiple updates. Here are some guidelines when writing about upcoming content.

Important tidbits

  • Create pages for upcoming content after the content was publicly announced. To be "publicly announced", it must be shown in the proper channels, namely, the @MegaManMaker Twitter page, the r/MegaMakerOfficial subreddit, the Mega Man Maker YouTube channel, or the #game_announcements channel in the Discord server. It is not enough that a developer mentions the feature in other channels or as a joke, though a developer explaining a feature that has been publicly announced can be written about. Do not create pages for content that you want or you speculate to be implemented.
  • Do not speculate about the feature itself. When writing an article about a confirmed feature, stick to what is shown in the announcement teasers or explanations by the development team. Do not write what you want the feature to have or what you think it would have.
  • Only assets having a known functionality can be listed or have articles dedicated to them. In order to avoid stubs or heavily speculative pages, creating articles for assets where the functionality has not been revealed is not allowed, even if it appears briefly in an announcement. Listing them in the content of the game of origin or the upcoming version is similarly useless. However, alternate variants of pre-existing assets such as color variants, or assets such as tilesets or backgrounds that do not add new functionality, can be written about.
  • Use the Upcoming template at the top of a page. It is added by writing {{Upcoming Content}}. It will categorize the page as an upcoming feature. Do not add the Upcoming category manually.