Astro Man

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Astro Man
Astro Man.jpg
Artwork of Astro Man from Mega Man 8
Category: Bosses
Game of origin: Mega Man 8
HP: 28

Astro Man is a Robot Master that comes from Mega Man 8 and returns in Mega Man & Bass. His weapons are Astro Crush and Copy Vision.

He appeared in Mega Man Maker since 1.5.0 and his pattern comes from his appearance in Mega Man 8.


Astro Man is composed of a head, green torso and a big dark ball. The torso has two yellow arms.

Around him, there are two balls he can control.

In-game pattern

Astro Man has three movements That can use in his battle.

  • He will spin and dive over the floor to attack the player. After that, he can do other movements.
  • Before using the Astro Crush, he appears and disappears quickly to set the falling meteors. After he is done, the meteors will fall. When he is appearing and disappearing, he is invulnerable to any weapon.
  • His other attack consists on having the balls spin in an elliptic way and drop projectiles looking like small shooting stars.