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The 'title screen' is the screen that appears after the copyright screen but before the main menu in Mega Man Maker.

The visual and auditory design of the title screen has received multiple changes throughout the game's history. In its early versions, it looked like a series of internal circuits, but after 1.1.0, it was changed to adjust to the new title and to renew the visuals.

There is a title screen with an alternate palette that can be seen by typing "duwang" during the splash screen opening credits. If input correctly, the 1-up sound will play and the title screen will change to a color edit of the title screen with a brown background and purple and green tiles. There is also a special background for Christmas used in-game during the Christmas season.

Since 1.7.4, inputting "30XX" during the splash screen opening credits will replace the title screen, main menu, and online menu music with the menu music from 30XX.

Mods also have the potential can also change the visual and auditory design of the title screen.


  • The “duwang” easter egg refers to a nickname given to a translation of the fourth story arc of the Japanese manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure titled Diamond is Unbreakable while the sky color is a reference to the similarly colored yellow sky seen in the anime adaptation of the part.
  • The "duwang" title screen and the 30XX menu music will be replaced by the default title screen and menu music respectively if the player loads a level and returns to the main or online menu, or exits the game.