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  • ...t Masters. He is also known for his deception skills, manipulating others (people and Robot Masters) into doing his bidding, planning elaborate schemes, and
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  • ...Discord group for ''[[Mega Man Maker]]''. The Discord server was made for people to discuss the game and its development as well as have unrelated general c ...ctive or new people in order to encourage more activity and to familiarize people with the server first.
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  • assumptions that he looks like Quick Man wearing Guts Man's armor. Many people have made sprites and art based on that description, but the most used imag ...ghout the forum thread "Pronto Man Fights In The Middle Of Level", lots of people created accounts meant to pretend to be Pronto Man.
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  • ...]] and [[RollerC]] overhauled the moderation system due to the shortage on people at the moment. Aside from opening public moderator applications, they propo
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  • ...n the Mega Engine, an open-source GameMaker engine he created that allowed people to create Mega Man fan games and experiments. His prior previous experience WreckingPrograms, due to the game's scope, he decided to recruit other people to help him with the game.[2]
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  • ...lopedia more than a novel. The simpler and clearer an article is, the more people will understand it.
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  • ...ext. He was initially developing the project alone, but decided to recruit people later on due to the game's scope. His motivation to create Mega Man Maker was "to create a tool to allow people with no development experience to create their own Mega Man levels."
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  • * You can now build levels with other people online!
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  • * Added a ban screen for when banned people try to log in or host [[Build Online|online rooms]]. They will still have a
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  • * Added a new disclaimer screen to warn people about flashing images.
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