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Mm5 lyric.png
Artwork of a Lyric.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 5
HP: 1
Damage: 2(contact)

Lyric (or Homing Satellites as they were renamed in Mega Man for Game Gear) are somewhat spherical 1-eyed enemy security robots with twin helicopter rotors on each end of their bodies that are originally from Mega Man 5 and have been featured in Mega Man Maker since it's 1.0.0 version.

Lyrics will slowly chase after the player once they are on screen and attempt to ram into them, similar to the Telly enemy from Mega Man 2 except slightly faster. Lyrics are also twice as wide as Tellies being two tiles of space long instead of just one tile. Also like Tellies however, They are not very durable and can be destroyed with a single Mega Buster shot.

In the level builder Lyrics can be set to one of three color pallets. Them being green, blue, and yellow, with the yellow variants having a unique red eye instead of an orange one.


All three colors of Lyrics.
  • The official art for the Lyric does not match any of it's in-game variants from Mega Man 5. It appears to be a version of the yellow variant, yet has a green eye which is not seen on any of the in-game versions.
  • A new and slightly stronger version of the Lyrics later reappear in Mega Man 11 in several stages. They function essentially the same, and more closely match the appearance of the official artwork with gold bodies and green eyes with only some minor changes in detail and size. They are also shown to have a type of spawner that spawns them regularly. This spawner and additional Lyric variant have yet to be added to Mega Man Maker.


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