Energy Balancer

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Official artwork of the Energy Balancer

The Energy Balancer is an item that allows the player character to fill the energy of a Special Weapon when collecting a Weapon Energy pickup but while having a weapon currently equipped that requires no energy. This device allows the filling of the most exhausted weapon energy gauge in a player's arsenal without having to equip that weapon first, although if the player prefers to fill a specific weapon, that specific weapon needs to be equipped.

In the official games, this object was introduced in Mega Man 6 as an object given by Proto Man in a secret area (located in Tomahawk Man's stage). It reappears in Mega Man 7, being obtainable by using Rush Search (located in Shade Man's stage) or buying it from Auto. Further games would include this item either by default or in a shop.

This asset was introduced in Mega Man Maker in 1.1.2. It is active by default and cannot be disabled.