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A simple timer using a ring platform

Timed Levels are a level type in Mega Man Maker that are based around either forcing the player to do something quickly, or to block the end of the level away from the player until a time threshold has elapsed. Timed levels have changed in their implementations through the versions.

In old versions of the game, the only way to make a timer was to use a Footholder on a long path. Although there doesn't seem to be many levels that intentionally used footholders to achieve this mechanic. There is only one level that specifically mentions timers and uses footholders.

Timed levels really started being a thing with the version 1.3.0 when Ring Platforms were introduced. Ring Platform has a unique feature that allows them to function anywhere on the game map regardless of being loaded into play. This means that players can make a single long ring platform that stretches across many screens as seen here.

With the introduction of Astro gates in version 1.5.0 some players learned you could text edit the speed of an astro gate to to open or close at whatever speed was set. This lead to some creators using an Astro Gate on a 1 or 2 minute timer that slowly closed and prevented the player from progressing if they were too slow.

1.7 added a new layer to timed levels that allowed a smaller setup, easier to test, and more reliable as it does not require any form of player interaction. With the addition of On/Off Switch and the newly added ability of Bari III to be able to toggle Astro Buttons. This setup means stretching a screen vertically and layering on off blocks to give you the time that is expected. An example of this can be seen in this level


- The earliest level that mentioned making timers is 214298 - Amazing Way To Create Timers In MMm And This Is A Jump Timing LV