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This template is for levels created in Mega Man Maker. In level pages, this template should be used instead of the Asset template.

There is no slot for captions, since the levels originally did not have them. Also there are no slots for score and plays, since those numbers are constantly exposed to change.

|name=name of the level.
|image=A screenshot of the level.
|date= Date of creation of the level.
|creator=The creator of the level.
|id= The ID number to search it.
|chars= Playable character or characters in the level.
|settings= Allowance to charge the Mega Buster for Mega Man or to have the Double Jump for Bass.


Level 1
Date: 02/02/2018
Creator: Marius1110
Level ID N/A
Playable characters: Bass
Settings: Double Jump disabled