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Characters are what the player uses to interact with levels. There are currently three player characters available to choose from, each with their own abilities and optional settings accessed through the in-editor level menu. The playable character in each level is set by the creator, however, picking up Character Capsules can allow the player to switch character. Currently, there are 3 playable characters.

All characters are capable of moving left and right, as well as jumping, shooting, and climbing ladders. In addition, all characters are capable of using one weapon with infinite ammo, as well as up to 11 extra weapons which have limited ammo. All characters have a total of 28 health, along with 28 ammo per limited weapon, which can be restored through the use of pickups and weapons. Each character has one unique combat weapon, as well as at least one unique utility weapon.


Name Description Unique Weapons Default Abilities Options Version

Mega Man Menu Icon.png

Mega Man The classic blue bomber. Optional slide and three possible charges. Mega Buster, Rush Coil, Rush Jet, Jet Adaptor, Power Adaptor, Super Adaptor N/A Sliding, Charge Shots (MM4/MM5/MM6) 1.0+

ProtoMan Menu Icon.png

Proto Man Can slide, charge, and deflect attacks with his shield. Optional double damage and Proto Strike. Proto Buster, Proto Coil, Proto Jet Sliding, Charge Shot Double Damage, Proto Strike 1.3+

Bass Menu Icon.png

Bass Can dash and shoot in 7 directions. Optional double jump. Bass Buster, Treble Boost Dashing Double Jump 1.3+