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Plates are logos that have appeared in many Mega Man games, especially just before the boss room. Those items have appeared since Mega Man 2.

Plates are special tile assets featured in Mega Man Maker. The plates feature logos of antagonists (and former antagonists) from the series, usually featured just before a Boss's room. Each individual plate takes up a 2x2 space and can be set to one of several color schemes.

List of Plate Types

Name In-Game Description Game of Origin
DrWilyPlate.png Wily Plate The classic, plastered in nearly every stage you can think of. Mega Man 2
DrCossackPlate.png Cossack Plate This plate was not put up voluntarily. Mega Man 4
MrXPlate.png Mr.X Plate An emblem of pure genius, signifying you only plan the most deceptive schemes. Mega Man 6
??? Dr. Light Plate Perfect for framing your rivals. Wait, we already have Cossack Plate. Mega Man 9
Dr. Right Plate Not to be confused with the evil Dr. Left. Mega Man 9


  • When first added into Mega Man Maker, there was a glitch that would cause the collision of any Plate to not disappear if it were destroyed by a Rolling Drill, thus potentially creating invisible walls or floors. It was later patched in a following update.


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