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The background selection menu since version 1.1.0 of Mega Man Maker.

Backgrounds are a set of graphics that can be placed behind the tiles and other assets in Mega Man Maker. Each screen can only have one background while the colors of certain parts of some backgrounds can be changed via the background color setting. Unlike the first six Mega Man games, backgrounds are not made out of smaller tiles which makes them much easier to place.

As of version 1.6.3, there are a total of 406 different backgrounds in Mega Man Maker. This includes 26 backgrounds from Mega Man and its remake Mega Man Powered Up, 25 from Mega Man 2, 31 from Mega Man 3, 32 from Mega Man 4, 56 from Mega Man 5, 85 from Mega Man 6, 15 from Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, 55 from Mega Man 9, 73 from Mega Man 10 and 20 from Mega Man 11.

There are references to the Mega Man series and other franchises in the descriptions for backgrounds which are listed here.

List of Backgrounds

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 1 and Mega Man Powered Up.

Mega Man / Mega Man Powered Up
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
BgCut.png Cut BG Metallic fences cutting off potential Super Cutter ambushes.
MM1 Cut 2.png Cut BG 2 No clue what this has to do with Cut Man or his stage, but it's there.
Gutsbg.png Guts BG Do you have the guts to climb these rocks?
MM1 Guts Alt.png Guts BG (Alt) Do you have the guts to tresspass on this construction site?
Guts2.png Guts BG 2 A wall of rocks? It's hard to tell.
Ice.png Ice BG Not quite a perfect freeze, but freezing nonetheless!
MM1 Ice Alt.png Ice BG (Alt) Palms in Antarctica never made much sense anyway.
Ice2.png Ice BG 2 A cold, dark green wall. Perfect for chilly rooms.
Bomb.png Bomb BG Giant bombs on a stick, fitting in any scenario.
Bomb2.png Bomb BG 2 A very bright green wall. I'm surprised it's still intact with all those explosions.
Fire.png Fire BG Hot.
BgFire2.png Fire BG 2 A repetitive green wall that can absorb all fire in the area.
Elec.png Elec BG Optimized for going up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up...
BgElec2.png Elec BG 2 Lots of yellow wires to protect you from the high-voltage currents inside.
BgElec3.png Elec BG 3 Lots of green wires to protect you from the high-voltage currents inside.
Time.png Time BG Purple bricks from a clock tower. Can be used in many scenarios.
BGTimeAlt.png Time BG (Alt) Now available in the flashy new style mode color!
Oil.png Oil BG A desert with a very grimy sky.
MM1 Wily1.png Wily 1 BG A hedge, but without any blue hogs.
Wily1.png Wily 1 BG 2 Despite all the rust on this metal, it looks very pretty.
MM1Wily2Bg.png Wily 2 BG Wily 1 but green.
Wily2.png Wily 3 BG Yellow bars..? Wily must have run out of creativity.
BgMM1Wily3Alt.png Wily 3 BG (Alt) Blue bars? Now come on, this is just cheap.
MM1 Wily3 2.png Wily 3 BG 2 Do I even need to say anything anymore?
MM1 Wily3 2 Alt.png Wily 3 BG 2 (Alt) No comment.
MM1Wily4bg.png Wily 4 BG Wily 1 but also green.

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 2.

Mega Man 2
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Bubblebg.gif Bubble BG A waterfall that doesn't give you an eye seizure.
Bubble Altbg.gif Bubble BG (Alt) A darker waterfall that doesn't give you an eye seizure.
BgBubble10.png Bubble BG 2 Now look at this net, that I just found! When I say go, be ready to throw!
MM2 Bubble 2 Alt.png Bubble BG 2 (Alt) A simple fishing net. Still not as fishy as the Inter-Net.
Quick.png Quick BG Strike fear into your enemies with a reminder of the force beam segment.
Wood.png Wood BG These are artificial trees, don't let the media fool you.
BgWood2.png Wood BG 2 Less wood, more mud and dirt to rule the world.
MM2 Wood 3.png Wood BG 3 Es gruent so gruen, wenn spaniens blueten bluehen... Wait, wrong language.
Crash.png Crash BG Stars in several colors. Space physics not included.
Flash.png Flash BG Perfect for fans of the color blue.
BgFlash2.png Flash BG 2 A bright blue wall that surprisingly doesn't flash at all.
Metalbg.gif Metal BG Lots of gears that serve no purpose at all.
BgMetal3.png Metal BG 2 It's time to rock and roll... wait... pedal to the metal?
Heat.png Heat BG Perfect for fans of the color red.
Wily3.png Wily 1 BG Will hopefully not be as overused as the music.
Wily4.png Wily 1 BG 2 An ominous background that can build up tension for a boss fight.
BgMM2Wily1 3.png Wily 1 BG 3 These cans make it easier to jump over the fence, just in case.
Wily5.png Wily 2 BG Miniature pipes and machines are interesting choices for a background.
Wily6.png Wily 3 BG These sewers are best known for their large, mechanical fish.
BgMM2Wily3 3.png Wily 3 BG 2 If you look at it long enough, it starts looking like a bamboo plantage.
Wily7.png Wily 4 BG Blue as far as the eye can see.
MM2 Wily5.gif Wily 5 BG The start of an everlasting annoying tradition.
BgMM2Wily5 1.png Wily 5 BG 2 You'd figure Wily would get bored of all these fences after a while. But no.
BgMM2Wily5Alt.png Wily 5 BG 2 (Alt) Ever noticed that Bubble Man's health bar stutters while filling up?
Wily8.png Wily 6 BG You can tell it's an alien cave because it's green. Deep.

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 3.

Mega Man 3
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Sparkbg.gif Spark BG Bzzt. Easily the most shocking background.
Spark2.png Spark BG 2 Blue electric fence. Don't worry, you're safe in the foreground!
Snake.png Snake BG Considering the excessive theming, why aren't these bricks made of snakes?
Needle.png Needle BG This city has needles everywhere, no wonder all the residents moved away.
Needle2.png Needle BG 2 You can't see it, but this entire wall consists of tiny needles.
BgNeedle3.png Needle BG 3 They say these holes inspired the lances in Burner Man's stage.
BgNeedle3Alt.png Needle BG 3 (Alt) They say... wait, blue isn't Burner Man's color!
BgNeedle4.png Needle BG 4 After most stage themes were taken, Needle Man boarded a pirate ship.
MM3 Needle 4 Alt.png Needle BG 4 (Alt) I hope you've got lots of energy for Rush Jet.
Topbg.gif Top BG Lots of flashing lights that serve no purpose.
BgTop5.png Top BG 2 These metallic girders make for a top-notch atmosphere.
Shadow.png Shadow BG Only the baddest dudes use this background.
MM3 Shadow 2.gif Shadow BG 2 This bad boy's got enough lava for years. It's mesmerizing to watch.
MM3 Shadow 3.gif Shadow BG 3 I guess this means Shadow Man's stage is near an active volcano.
BgShadow 2.gif Shadow BG 4 Ah! The pipes are leaking! Leaks are the worst these days, I'm telling ya...
Magnet.png Magnet BG This surface has a magnet so strong, it doesn't appear to exist at all.
Magnet2.png Magnet BG 2 A nice cloudy sky, which should fit well in outdoor sections.
Gemini.png Gemini BG Quite a few stars, keeps things simple.
BgGemini2.png Gemini BG 2 Green bricks laid down in a pattern that will make you see double.
BgGemini2Alt.png Gemini BG 2 (alt) A lot of ambient blue bricks found underwater.
Hard.png Hard BG The iconic cliff from when you fight Break Man. Wait, this is Hard Man's stage!
Hard2.png Hard BG 2 Perfect for spelunking, with support beams as a precaution.
Wily9.png Wily 1 BG Gross, more sewers.
BgMM3Wily1 3.png Wily 1 BG (Alt) Yet more sewers... zzz...
BgMM3Wily1 2.png Wily 1 BG 2 Wily wasted all of his funds, so this doesn't even have real clouds.
Wily10.png Wily 2 BG Lots of computer gubbins.
MM3 Wily2 2.png Wily 2 BG 2 Hello, anyone there? Seems very empty in here.
Wily11.png Wily 3 BG These pipes have been jailed for their crimes. Can't trust anyone nowadays.
MM3 Wily3 2.png Wily 3 BG 2 Come on Wily, this is the second time you've cloned Mega Man!
MM3 Wily4.gif Wily 4 BG This one's easy. Just attack everyone with their own weapon!
MM3Wily4Bg.png Wily 4 BG 2 A blue mechanical bee hive.

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 4.

Mega Man 4
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
BgDive.png Dive BG Why does a submarine Robot Master need a submarine anyways?
BgRing.png Ring BG This background loops so well, you get to go AROUND and AROUND!
Skull.png Skull BG This background KILLS.
BgSkull2.png Skull BG 2 A dinosaur fossil embedded in some rocks. Wait, is this...
BgSkull3.png Skull BG 3 Decorative purple stone, you know, like real life.
Bright.png Bright BG One of the nicer backgrounds, with an electrifying blue.
BgBright2.gif Bright BG 2 Please ignore the horrible vertical loop. Look at how flashy it is instead!
Dust.png Dust BG Circuitry. Lots and lots of circuitry.
BgDust2.gif Dust BG 2 Conveyors with a never-ending supply of trash.
Drill.png Drill BG Is it normal for mine shafts to be red?
BgDrill2.png Drill BG 2 Large pipes used for transportation of various minerals and plumbers.
Toad.png Toad BG Yet more sewers, now with plenty of green bricks.
Pharaohbg.gif Pharaoh BG Ancient ruins, with some nifty torches to give it new life.
Cossack1.png Cossack 1 BG Christmas came early, look at all these pine trees!
SprBGCossack1Alt.png Cossack 1 BG 2 Russian citadels throne atop the horizon. Poetic.
Note that the black is transparent in-game. Cossack 1 BG 3 It's the most wonderful time of the year, let it snow!
SprBGCossack1Alt3.png Cossack 1 BG 4 These frigid halls make me shiver just looking at them... brr...
Cossack2bg.gif Cossack 2 BG A generic fortress texture with a Snow Halation window.
MM4 Cossack2 2.png Cossack 2 BG 2 I don't know why we didn't have this BG yet, but now we do.
Cossack3.png Cossack 3 BG Orange blocks everywhere. Cossack needs a better interior designer.
MM4 Cossack3 2.png Cossack 3 BG 2 It's probably a very important building, but it just looks like an onion.
Cossack4.png Cossack 4 BG Sometimes, with this background, you can faintly hear dated meme songs.
SprBGCossack4Alt.png Cossack 4 BG 2 A peaceful night sky with the moon hanging just overhead.
SprBGCossack4Alt2.png Cossack 4 BG 3 Just some stars if you don't believe in multiple moons.
Wily12.png Wily 1 BG I feel like I need a shower...
BgMM4Wily1 2.png Wily 1 BG (Alt) Oh, there we go, this is the shower, huh?
Wily12bg.gif Wily 2 BG Looks like the interior for a big purple warehouse.
Wily14.png Wily 3 BG Wily put as much effort into this background as he did with the rematches.
MM4 Wily3 2.gif Wily 3 BG 2 The background here just gets flashier each and every time, huh?
BgMM4Wily3Alt.png Wily 3 BG 2 *Loud energy bar refill sound effect*
BgMM4Wily2Alt2.png Wily 3 BG 2 (Alt) You can now simulate underwater robot battles, without the physics.
BgMM4Wily4.png Wily 4 BG All signs are pointing downward into the abyss... *gulp*

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 5.

Mega Man 5
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Stone.png Stone BG Mountains that look straight from a cold beverage advertisement.
BgStone2.png Stone BG 2 Welp. A pink fence. Pink. Why did it have to be pink?
BgStone3.png Stone BG 3 Heavy metallic insides, perfect for fortresses inside mountains.
BgStone4.png Stone BG 4 A large wall of atmospheric blue rocks.
BgStone5.png Stone BG 5 Stone Man makes a desperate effort to make more recolored backgrounds.
BgStone5Alt.png Stone BG 6 Apparently, a Robot Master's pay grade goes up with more backgrounds.
Gravitybg.gif Gravity BG Defying the laws of gravity is fun.
BgGravity3.png Gravity BG 2 These crates probably hide the secret of flipping gravity.
MM5 Gravity 3.png Gravity BG 3 I think this background would fit just about any stage, really.
MM5 Gravity 4.png Gravity BG 4 Is that a reference to the hit game I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2?
Crystalbg.png Crystal BG The most expensive BG, costing approximately $7.5 million for the crystals.
BgCrystal2.png Crystal BG 2 We're unsure what these windows encase, but it must be valuable.
MM5 Crystal 3.png Crystal BG 3 The second-most expensive BG, costing about $3.5 million for the crystals.
MM5 Crystal 3 Alt.png Crystal BG 3 (Alt) This one cost the same but it's in pink so you know who ordered it.
Napalmbg.gif Napalm BG Trees are good for the Earth. Plant a tree today.
MM5 Napalm 2.png Napalm BG 2 Are you up to the task of finding the letter N, the jungle's treasure?
BgNapalm2.png Napalm BG 3 Desolate cave area, which can oddly enough fit Apaches inside of it.
BgNapalm3.png Napalm BG 4 These tanks are actually out of fuel. No point using them as a Ride Armor.
Note that the black is transparent in-game. Gyro BG So many clouds, and yet, Cloud 9 is nowhere to be found.
BgStar.png Star BG The interior of a high-tech space station. No stars to be seen, though.
BgStar2.png Star BG 2 This gigantic satellite gives Dark Man 3 a run for his money.
Wavebg.png Wave BG Lots of tubes to transport water. Be careful they don't break!
MM5 Wave 2.gif Wave BG 2 The only task Wave Man's henchmen got was to keep these waterfalls going.
MM5 Wave 3.gif Wave BG 3 ... And they just keep on going... and going... and... zzzz...
BgWave2.png Wave BG 4 This background encourages dramatically grabbing the letter E.
SprBGCharge 0.png Charge BG Pretend you're on a train while you really aren't.
Chargebg.gif Charge BG 2 Pretend you're on a train while you really are.
BgCharge3.png Charge BG 3 You can wait all you want, but the train never arrives at this station.
BgCharge4.png Charge BG 4 Train number E-1301 is set to arrive in just... it doesn't say when.
BgCharge5.png Charge BG 5 Train number C-01C-01 offers only the most exciting rides!
BgCharge6.png Charge BG 6 The front of a gigantic train. Apparently a popular combo emote.
BgCharge7.png Charge BG 7 The middle of a gigantic train. The most popular of the emotes.
BgCharge8.png Charge BG 8 The back of a gigantic train. Now you can finish off your combo emote.
MM5 Charge 9.png Charge BG 9 We're done with this stage for sure now, right? Right?
Dark1bg.png Dark Man 1 BG A castle that looks like it was pulled out of a fantasy. Save the princess!
BgDark1Alt.png Dark Man 1 BG 2 High castle walls, for the fortress of your dreams.
BgDark1Alt2.png Dark Man 1 BG 3 The... the noises... They... They never leave my head...
BgDark1Alt3.png Dark Man 1 BG 4 These bricks bring up memories of a green dino and his island.
Dark2bg.gif Dark Man 2 BG Heh heh, it looks like there's a face in the middle. I am a comedic master.
BgDark2Alt.png Dark Man 2 BG 2 Scary castle gates looming over bottomless pits.
BgDark2Alt2.png Dark Man 2 BG 3 Enough military supplies for a whole battalion are hidden here.
BgDark2Alt3.png Dark Man 2 BG 4 This background builds up tension for a very difficult boss.
Dark3bg.png Dark Man 3 BG Large towers and an unnecessary amount of satellites line the skies.
BgDark3Alt.png Dark Man 3 BG 2 A very odd setup of wires. Who knows what they do?
Dark4bg.png Dark Man 4 BG A simple purple background that brings to mind structural collapse.
MM5 Dark4 2.gif Dark Man 4 BG 2 A plain simple addition for more visual variety. Enjoy.
MM5Wily1Bg.png Wily 1 BG If you are a fan of unfair spike drops, then this is the background for you.
MM5 Wily1 2.png Wily 1 BG 2 If you are a fan of perilous platforming then this background is for you.
MM5Wily2bg.png Wily 2 BG Wily never gets tired of pink tiles.
BgMM5Wily2Alt.png Wily 2 BG (Alt) For this next attempt at world domination, Wily uses poorly looping pipes.
BgMM5Wily2 2.gif Wily 2 BG 2 Once again, witness; Wily's endless love of pink; Truly eternal. -Haiku
BgMM5Wily2 3.png Wily 2 BG 3 Where are the bubble spawners?!? I feel betrayed!
MM5Wily3bg.png Wily 3 BG The green pillars in the background used to flash, but Wily got a seizure.
MM5 Wily3 2.gif Wily 3 BG 2 Can't unsee all the Galaxy Man faces now, can you?
MM5Wily4bg.png Wily 4 BG A grid of plates that perfectly fit the rooms before a background-less one.
MM5 Wily4 2.gif Wily 4 BG 2 The same grid of plates, but less boring.

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 6.

Mega Man 6
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Blizzardbg.png Blizzard BG Why do I have to go skiing? Can't I just stay in my room?
BlizzardBg2.png Blizzard BG 2 Frigid atmospheric halls that only faintly resemble the style of Canada.
MM6 Blizzard 3.png Blizzard BG 3 Time for a duel with the world's roundest Robot Master.
Windbg.png Wind BG Tower that oddly resembles Mega Water S.
WindBg2.png Wind BG 2 A few neat clouds that only faintly resembles the style of China.
WindBg3.png Wind BG 3 This variant of tower comes with a large window. Fancy.
MM6 Wind 3 Alt.png Wind BG 3 (Alt) These towers probably have an important meaning in Chinese culture.
Flamebg.png Flame BG A dark temple. Iconic buildings can be seen in the background.
FlameBg2.png Flame BG 2 A gloomy cave that only faintly resembles the style of Saudi Arabia.
BgFlame3.png Flame BG 3 Who would embed machinery in a thin wall?
BgFlame4.png Flame BG 4 Brown walls, perfect for storage houses and anything alike.
BgFlame5.png Flame BG 5 These machines are made of special material in order to superheat the rocks.
Tomahawkbg.png Tomahawk BG Hard Man's background but prettier.
BgTomahawkAlt.png Tomahawk BG (Alt) A white sky is hanging over those cliffs.
TomahawkBG2.gif Tomahawk BG 2 A neat interior that only faintly resembles the style of the United States.
BgTomahawk2Alt.gif Tomahawk BG 2 (Alt) Tomahawk Man's aesthetic sense is questionable.
BgTomahawk3.png Tomahawk BG 3 A rocky valley, perfect for a cave level.
BgTomahawk3Alt.png Tomahawk BG 3 (Alt) A rocky valley, perfect for a cliffside level.
BgTomahawk4.png Tomahawk BG 4 A gorgeous view of the Wild West.
BgTomahawk4Alt.png Tomahawk BG 4 (Alt) A not-so-gorgeous view of the Wild West.
BgTomahawk5.gif Tomahawk BG 5 A perfect view of the setting sun in the desert sky, now with heatlines.
BgTomahawk5Alt.gif Tomahawk BG 5 (Alt) A perfect view of the rising sun in the desert sky, now with heatlines.
Note that the black is transparent in-game. Centaur BG Not sure what's so Greek about these towers, but oh well.
CentaurBg2.png Centaur BG 2 A very dark sewer that only faintly resembles the style of Greece.
BgCentaur3.png Centaur BG 3 Some nice red walls. The Greeks were praised for these.
BgCentaur3Alt.png Centaur BG 3 (Alt) Some nice... green walls? The Greeks were praised for these too.
BgCentaur3Alt2.png Centaur BG 3 (Alt 2) Some nice... blue walls. The Greeks were unoriginal.
BgCentaur4.png Centaur BG 4 More castle walls. At least the green is nice.
BgCentaur4Alt.png Centaur BG 4 (Alt) More castle walls. At least the purple is nice.
MM6 Centaur 5.gif Centaur BG 5 I feel like there've been a lot of waterfalls this update.
MM6 Centaur 6.gif Centaur BG 6 That's because they're so simple to make, y'know?
MM6 Centaur 7.gif Centaur BG 7 All you gotta do is subject the water to the force of gravity. Easy.
Knightbg.png Knight BG A beautiful sunset sky with English trees in the background.
BgKnightAlt.png Knight BG (Alt) A typical morning in London.
KnightBg2.png Knight BG 2 An ancient castle that resembles the style of England quite decently.
BgKnight2Alt.png Knight BG 2 (Alt) These faces in the background scream for the pain to stop.
BgKnight3.png Knight BG 3 Dark and stormy clouds approaching, be wary!
BgKnight3Alt.png Knight BG 3 (Alt) A light storm is on the way, making for a nice outside walk.
BgKnight4.png Knight BG 4 A deep maze of pipes, with a nice purple color.
BgKnight4Alt.png Knight BG 4 (Alt) A deep maze of pipes. Why are they pink? Wily isn't behind this, right?
BgKnight5.png Knight BG 5 Here in the capital of science, we have mighty bouncy tiles.
BgKnight6.png Knight BG 6 The tale of a legendary, noble Robot Master begins here.
BgKnight6Alt.png Knight BG 6 (Alt) Here you fight a knight who says... NI!
BgKnight7.gif Knight BG 7 Wake me up when the devs stop milking Knight Man please.
BgKnight7Alt.gif Knight BG 7 (Alt) Zzzzzzzzz...
Yamatobg.png Yamato BG A large mountain from Japan with traditional buildings.
BgYamatoAlt.png Yamato BG (Alt) Place this one next to the second Yamato Man Alt BG to make it loop.
Yamatobg2.png Yamato BG 2 Place this next to the first Yamato background to make it loop nicely.
BgYamato2Alt.png Yamato BG 2 (Alt) Place this one next to the first Yamato Man Alt BG to make it loop.
YamatoBg3.png Yamato BG 3 A secluded dojo that resembles the style of Japan surprisingly well.
BgYamato3Alt.png Yamato BG 3 (Alt) A different secluded dojo that resembles the style of Japan.
BgYamato4.png Yamato BG 4 A less secluded dojo at day-time. Now with a window!
BgYamato4Alt.png Yamato BG 4 (Alt) A less secluded dojo at night-time. Now with a window!
BgYamato5.png Yamato BG 5 A more secluded dojo that only faintly resembles the style of Japan.
BgYamato5Alt.png Yamato BG 5 (Alt) A different more secluded dojo that only faintly resembles Japan.
BgYamato6.png Yamato BG 6 A very secluded dojo that only very faintly resembles the style of Japan.
BgYamato6Alt.png Yamato BG 6 (Alt) A different very secluded dojo that only very faintly resembles Japan.
PlantBg2.png Plant BG 2 A sawmill-esque buliding that only faintly resembles the style of Brazil.
BgPlant3.png Plant BG 3 Plant Man not only has a green thumb, but a green arena too.
BgPlant4.png Plant BG 4 These may look suggestive, but they're just water storage towers.
MrX1Bg.png Mr X 1 BG A large city, far off in the distance. Watch out that the moon doesn't crash down.
BgMrX1Alt2.png Mr X 1 BG 2 The previous BG but without the moon. No need to collect 880 of them.
BgMrX1Alt3.png Mr X 1 BG 3 These are quite evidently more streetlight than building, but whatever.
BgMrX1Alt.png Mr X 1 BG 4 The interior of a modern building. 20XX was a revolutionary time.
MrX2Bg.png Mr X 2 BG Do you love green backgrounds? Now you get two green backgrounds in one!
MrX3Bg.png Mr X 3 BG These red walls are actually hiding a bigger production facility behind them.
BgMrX3Alt.png Mr X 3 BG 2 Ah, we've now reached the postmodern era of background machinery.
MrX4Bg.png Mr X 4 BG Stylish blue fences. You can hear the sounds of birds hatching in the distance.
MM6Wily1Bg.png Wily 1 BG Wily ran out of budget to make a security system, hence this red fence.
MM6Wily1Bg2.png Wily 1 BG 2 No one knows the purpose of these pipes. Perhaps they're for the air conditioners.
BgMM6Wily1 3.png Wily 1 BG 3 A pipe is a tubular section or hollow cylinder, usually but not necessarily-
SprBGMM6Wily2 0.png Wily 2 BG If you ever want to make a refrigerator stage, this background is for you.
BgMM6Wily2 1.png Wily 2 BG 2 The backside view of the fridge.
BgMM6Wily2 2.png Wily 2 BG 3 Ah, it's *bwoop* time for the *bwoop* Yoku Block *bwoop* castle stage.
BgMM6Wily3.png Wily 3 BG Purple and red go together surprisingly well for lighting.
MM6 Wily3 2.gif Wily 3 BG 2 The sixth round of refights comes in blue, cyan and pink.
BgMM6Wily3 2.png Wily 3 BG 3 Once again you will have to watch a lot of health bars fill.
BgMM6Wily3 3.png Wily 3 BG 3 (Alt) I swear, if I have
BgMM6Wily3 4.png Wily 3 BG 3 (Alt 2) to add any more of
BgMM6Wily3 5.png Wily 3 BG 3 (Alt 3) these backgrounds, I'm
BgMM6Wily3 6.png Wily 3 BG 3 (Alt 4) going to hurt someone.
MM6Wily4Bg.png Wily 4 BG Pink girders appear to be very popular with Wily these days.
BgMM6Wily4 2.png Wily 4 BG 2 Mega Man has at last arrested the nefarious Wily Pipes. TO BE CONTINUED...

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 7.

Mega Man 7
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
SpringBG.gif Spring BG A miniature city, far away in the night sky.
FreezeBg.png Freeze BG Cossack would be proud of all the pine trees and snow.
SlashBg.png Slash BG I wouldn't cook those eggs if I were you.
JunkBG.gif Junk BG Can someone call the electrician to fix this lighting?
JunkBG2.gif Junk BG 2 Optimized for going up and up and up... But this time the lights are out.
ShadeBG.gif Shade BG A spooky green interior for a haunted house, complete with red eyes.
ShadeBg.png Shade BG 2 A dark horizon that sets the perfect atmosphere to turn knights into werewolves.
Shade2AltBg.png Shade BG 2 (Alt) Like the regular version, but much fancier.
BurstBG.gif Burst BG Medical research facility, which creates healing bubbles, woo.
TurboBg.png Turbo BG With this background you'll always move fast and never get tired.
TurboBg2.png Turbo BG 2 T-1 only produces the best tires! 20 percent off your second purchase!
CloudBG.gif Cloud BG Another background with plenty of clouds, and some windmills to spruce it up.
MM7Wily1BG.gif Wily 1 BG Apparently Wily has installed plenty of washing machines in his fortress.
MM7 Wily3.png Wily 3 BG Spring Man lent Wily a hand while designing this background.
MM7 Wily4.png Wily 4 BG Traditions are fine and all but don't you think it gets boring?

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 8.

Mega Man 8
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
BgTengu.png Tengu BG A view of Japanese houses within deadly crevices. Living life on the edge.
BgGrenade.png Grenade BG Metallic and gray, just like explosions. Wait...
BgFrost.png Frost BG Horizontally looping shafts, for all your elevator needs.
BgFrostAlt.png Frost BG (Alt) Vertically looping shafts, for all your elevator needs.
BgClown.png Clown BG At last, the circus is in town! Choo choo!
BgAstro.png Astro BG Mechanical flowers at sunset, truly a sight to behold.
BgAstroAlt.png Astro BG (Alt) Mechanical flowers in a toxic green sky. Best to avoid this.
BgSword.png Sword BG As the sun sets over these ancient ruins, streams of bats awaken.
BgAqua.png Aqua BG Following Gyro Man's example, Aqua Man created miniature cities for Kappas.
BgAqua2.gif Aqua BG 2 Behind this wall is a whirlpool generator for the currents in his stage.
BgSearch.png Search BG The wild Amazon jungle is free for you to explore... behind that fence.
BgSearchAlt.png Search BG 2 Why bother with an Amazon jungle when you have this amazing fence?
BgSearchAlt2.png Search BG 3 Where's my fence? What will protect me from the wild animals now?
BgMM8Wily1.png Wily 1 BG Jump jump and slide slide in these beautiful caves.
BgMM8Wily2.png Wily 2 BG Flying whale submarines not included.

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 9.

Mega Man 9
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
BgConcrete.png Concrete BG Don't let these trees fool you, they're actually made out of concrete.
BgConcrete2.png Concrete BG 2 Brown bricks that spread awareness of fake tiles.
BgConcrete3.png Concrete BG 3 If you stare at the abyss for long enough, the abyss stares back at you.
BgConcrete3.gif Concrete BG 3 (Alt) Like the regular version, but with an ambient waterfall.
BgJewel.png Jewel BG Very shiny crys- Wait, shiny? Shinies?? Shinies!!
BgJewel2.png Jewel BG 2 Green and purple might not be the best combination.
BgHornet.png Hornet BG Not the BEEEEEEEES.
BgHornet1Alt.png Hornet BG (Alt) Much like the first one, but with added transparency.
BgHornet2.png Hornet BG 2 Beautiful flowers straight from Grandma's garden.
BgHornet3.png Hornet BG 3 This flower is known to make even the most hardcore players cry.
BgPlug.png Plug BG Booooop… Booooop… Boooop… Boooooop… Boooop…
BgPlug2.png Plug BG 2 You can plug in stuff up to 1.21 gigawatts.
BgPlug3.gif Plug BG 3 Metronomes at 200BPM lurk in the background.
BgPlug4.gif Plug BG 4 Plug Man really needs to upgrade to a coloured Flat Screen HD TV.
BgSplash1.png Splash BG An uncreative background, it does not make a big splash.
BgSplash2.png Splash BG 2 Light blue pipes, commonly found at the surface of the sea.
BgSplash2Alt.png Splash BG 2 (Alt) Dark blue pipes, commonly found in the sea.
BgSplash2Alt2.png Splash BG 2 (Alt 2) Dark purple pipes, commonly found at the depths of the sea.
BgMagma.png Magma BG Apparently Magma Man and Drill Man were forced to share their pipes.
BgMagma2.png Magma BG 2 An awkward pipe construction fitting for a party minigame.
BgMagma3.png Magma BG 3 Drill Man wanted his pipes back from this one apparently.
BgMagma4.gif Magma BG 4 Steam from pipes? At this time of the year, localized entirely in this BG?
BgGalaxy.gif Galaxy BG Horrific notes chime in the distance. Space is a cruel, cold expanse...
BgGalaxy2.gif Galaxy BG 2 If you look closely, you'll see a green dino fighting on this moon.
BgTornado.gif Tornado BG This revolutionary background brings back looping clouds.
BgTornado2.png Tornado BG 2 This bunker background will protect your from rotating batteries.
BgFake.gif Fake BG False advertising, this background is as real as it gets.
BgFake2.png Fake BG 2 AAAHH! It's the attack of the reused content! RUN!
BgMM9Wily1.png Wily 1 BG Wily's unique choice of sky color this time shows he means business.
BgMM9Wily1Alt.png Wily 1 BG (Alt) Dark pink, so manly and edgy.
BgMM9Wily1Alt2.png Wily 1 BG 2 Wily's classic plain background, intended for palette swaps.
BgMM9Wily1Alt3.png Wily 1 BG 3 These pipes have much thermal resistance, as they have to sustain magma.
BgMM9Wily1 4.gif Wily 1 BG 4 This ferocious roar of thunder really needs some epic music to go with it.
BgMM9Wily2.png Wily 2 BG Reportedly, Wily imported these bricks from a plant in Switzerland.
BgMM9Wily2Alt.png Wily 2 BG (Alt) Boobeam Trap called, it wants its background back.
BgMM9Wily2Alt2.png Wily 2 BG 2 Yet more pink girders. Wily's obsession has just begun.
BgMM9Wily3.png Wily 3 BG Orange and purple go together surprisingly well. Too bad Wily dislikes orange.
BgMM9Wily3Alt.png Wily 3 BG (Alt) Not only is this background a recolor, it is also purple. Pure evil.
BgMM9Wily3Alt2.png Wily 3 BG (Alt 2) Does not come with antigravity, so no animation to avoid confusion.
BgMM9Wily4.gif Wily 4 BG Signalizes that you're going to have to fight a lot of robots soon.
MM9 Wily4 2.gif Wily 4 BG 2 What an overly complex pattern. Maybe it hides a secret message?
BgMM9Wily4Alt.png Wily 4 BG 3 Perfect for fighting ground-based bosses.
BgMM9Wily4Alt2.png Wily 4 BG 3 (Alt) Perfect for fighting underwater bosses.
BgMM9Endless1.png Endless BG Circuit board set up, perfect for building stages inside a PC.
BgMM9Endless2.png Endless BG 2 An endless (<- Funny pun here! WOAH!!) expanse of bricks!!!!!!!!
BgMM9Endless2Alt.png Endless BG 2 (Alt) Like the first background, but purple. Evil.
SprBGMM9Endless3.png Endless BG 3 Very advanced machinery that looks like a lot of tiny windows.
SprBGMM9Endless3Alt.png Endless BG 3 (Alt) Circuits in purple have been proven to be more evil.
SprBGMM9Endless3Alt2.png Endless BG 3 (Alt 2) More circuits, which hold encrypted data about charades.
SprBGMM9Endless3Alt3.png Endless BG 3 (Alt 3) I'm getting really, really tired of all these circuits.
BgMM9Endless4.png Endless BG 4 If you look hard enough, you can see something lurking behind this fence.
BgMM9Endless5.png Endless BG 5 Scorching hot pipes that dislike contact with water.
BgMM9Endless5Alt.png Endless BG 5 (Alt) Peaceful, leafy green pipes that can't really withstand fire.
BgMM9Endless5Alt2.png Endless BG 5 (Alt 2) We interrupt these elemental jokes with multicolored pipes.
BgMM9Endless5Alt3.png Endless BG 5 (Alt 3) Damp, wet blue pipes that get clogged up by leaves.

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 10.

Mega Man 10
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Blade 1.png Blade BG 1 Turrets often scare players, says crazy scientist. They're cheap and effective.
Blade 2.png Blade BG 2 Modern machinery in an ancient castle? Really makes you think.
Blade 3.png Blade BG 3 The raggers are trapped in there for good this time. Probably.
Solar 1.gif Solar BG The order of the Phoenix? 12 Chicken McNuggets.
Solar 2.png Solar BG 2 Hot 2: Electric Boogaloo.
Sheep 1.png Sheep BG 01000110 01101111 01110101 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101101 01100101 00100001
Sheep 2.png Sheep BG 2 01000111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101010 01101111 01100010 00100001
Commando 1.png Commando BG Rumor has it some bus driver is crossing this desert to this day.
Commando 2.png Commando BG 2 It's pink. But surely the Roboenza must be completely natural. Right?
Pump 1.png Pump BG Not an awful lot of pumps in this dump.
Pump 2.png Pump BG 2 Ahh, the sewers. Home to toxic Mets, Tellies and... normal shrimp.
Pump 3.gif Pump BG 3 Waterfalls. Where do they come from? Where do they go? Mysterious.
Pump 4.gif Pump BG 4 Oh, so this is where they go. But where do they go afterwards?
Strike 1.png Strike BG A giant pixelated crowd is cheering you on. Or are they just empty seats?
Strike 2.png Strike BG 2 Use this with the first and third Strike BGs to control the crowd size.
Strike 3.png Strike BG 3 All seats here have been evacuated after the pitchers went berserk.
Strike 4.png Strike BG 4 I'd bring some trivia about Dockalockers, but they aren't added yet. Sad.
Strike 5.png Strike BG 5 Hey, batter batter cluck!
Strike 6.png Strike BG 6 How many pluses you can find? Submit your answer and win a great prize!
Nitro 1.gif Nitro BG A highway at night, lined with stars. Honk HOOOOOOOOOOONK!
Nitro 2.png Nitro BG 2 It took longer to think of a description for this than it took to create it.
Nitro 3.png Nitro BG 3 Now with 50 percent more depth and a cool visual effect!
Nitro 4.png Nitro BG 4 As the president of a stunt club, Nitro Man should not be designing roads.
Chill 1.png Chill BG We're not sure why technology is integrated into mountains in 20XX either.
Chill 2.png Chill BG 2 Soundless, frigid halls. The very look of them makes you shiver.
Chill 3.png Chill BG 3 There's not a lot of ice here. Reminds me of a certain Mutos' first stage.
Chill 4.png Chill BG 4 One of the prettier backgrounds, covered with lots of shiny blue lights.
Chill 5.gif Chill BG 5 Wait, we went four backgrounds without an ice pun? Snow way!
Wily 1.png Wily 1 BG So there are 96 squares... and 88 Wily Numbers... does this mean...?
Wily 1 2.png Wily 1 BG 2 Mega Man... this new background... its pattern is very unusual.
Wily 1 3.png Wily 1 BG 3 I'd like to do some research on it, so try to pick up plenty of samples!
Wily 1 4.png Wily 1 BG 4 Sideways anchors? Or pickaxes? Only Wily knows for sure.
Wily 2.gif Wily 2 BG A torn-up purple wall with alternating light signals. Maybe it's a code?
Wily 2 2.png Wily 2 BG 2 What a generic pattern. Wily must have run out of ideas.
Wily 3.gif Wily 3 BG This wall is still intact. Doesn't make the lights any less confusing.
Wily 3 Alt.png Wily 3 BG (Alt) A simple background from a simple stage for simple designers.
Wily 3 2.gif
Wily 3 2 Signs.png
Wily 3 BG 2 Did you know? Stacking these vertically increases the floor number.
Wily 3 3.png Wily 3 BG 3 Turns out these are not water purifiers. Explains the odd green color.
Wily 4.png Wily 4 BG Ah... I can feel it. It's time for the rodeo of Robot Masters again.
Wily 4 2.png Wily 4 BG 2 A simple chamber. But whose? Guess you could call it a Chamber of Secrets.
Wily 4 3.png Wily 4 BG 3 A fusion of the first two backgrounds. Simple, yet neat looking.
Wily 4 4.gif Wily 4 BG 4 The animation speed was toned down to avoid potential seizure issues.
Wily 5.png Wily 5 BG Unlike this background, the text is still right side up. Phew.
Wily 5 2.png Wily 5 BG 2 Now entering low grav area. Use invisible water for the best experience.
Wily 5 3.png Wily 5 BG 3 With an improved gravitron, Wily could pull the Earth out of its orbit too.
Enker 1.png Enker BG A very large fence with a few holes and red stars. Watch out for spikes!
Enker 2.png Enker BG 2 Yeow, my eyes. Modern art may have gone too far.
Enker 3.png Enker BG 3 Be careful you don't get stuck with a Yoku Block overhead!
Enker 4.png Enker BG 4 One day, Mega Man and Saturn will face off here. Not today though.
Punk 1.png Punk BG After he invented Teamspeak 2, Wily's sales suddenly increased tenfold.
Punk 2.gif Punk BG 2 Pretty purple pipes, patterned profoundly. Presumably Punk's property.
Punk 3.gif Punk BG 3 We are not responsible for death by spikes, bombs or crushers.
Ballade 1.png Ballade BG Ballade got very lazy with his stage, seen how it only has one background.
Endless 1.png Endless BG Tons of tiny elevators, all on standby. How cute.
Endless 2.png Endless BG 2 More elevators. But this time the waiting area seems colder. Brrr.
Endless 3.png Endless BG 3 Lots of large stacks of... err... low resolution grape Fanta cans?
Endless 4.png Endless BG 4 I could swear I've seen this color mixing somewhere before...
Endless 5.png Endless BG 5 Ah, pittoresque! A lovely painting about trees, grass, and nature's beauty.
Endless 6.png Endless BG 6 This one comes with the matching Yoku Block!
Endless 7.png Endless BG 7 Security girders blocking off access to an old abandoned mineshaft.
Endless 8.png Endless BG 8 Remnants of a forgotten factory. These chains are all that remains.
Endless 9.gif Endless BG 9 Mega Man 10, Red Sun Edition, available now.
Endless 10.png Endless BG 10 Ever wanted a minimalist Tomahawk Man aesthetic? We got you covered.
Endless 11.png Endless BG 11 Someone turned off all the elevators. I'm as disgusted as you are.
Endless 12.png Endless BG 12 Stack enough J and L tetrominoes and you get this. No line clears though.
Endless 13.gif Endless BG 13 Mega Man 10, Blue Moon Edition, available now.
Endless 14.gif Endless BG 14 I'm gonna reach for the staaaaaars... although they look pretty faaaaaar...
Endless 15.png Endless BG 15 Similar to Wily 4, but not quite the same.
Endless 16.png Endless BG 16 Forest forage, for all your... uh... forest-y needs.
Challenge 1.png Challenge BG Plenty of tiny machinery designed to track Mega Man's location for Wily.
Challenge 1 Alt.png Challenge BG (Alt) Plenty of tiny machinery designed to monitor water quality.
Challenge 2.png Challenge BG 2 In 20XX, nanoprocessors spread around the world very quickly.
Difficulty.png Difficulty BG This is about as plain of a background as you're gonna get.

Backgrounds based off of levels from Mega Man 11.

Mega Man 11
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
Block 1.gif Block BG Forgive the lack of details and please look at the nice lightning instead.
Block 2.gif Block BG 2 Vaguely similar to a part of Wily's tenth castle color-wise. I wonder why.
Block 3.png Block BG 3 And the award for Prettiest Background of the Year goes to...
Block 3 Alt.gif Block BG 4 H-hold on WHAT? We have a tie? Impossible!
Acid 1.gif Acid BG A never-ending stream of bubbles in a chemical lab. Can't spot Acid Man though...
Acid 1 Alt.gif Acid BG (Alt) A chemical lab with just as many bubbles. Still can't spot Acid Man...
Acid 1 Alt 2.gif Acid BG (Alt 2) Another chemical lab... more bubbles... but Acid Man is still gone :(
Blast 1.png Blast BG Whoever lives in this entire city must be sad that they're about to be blown up.
Bounce 1.png Bounce BG Do not worry. The netting will catch you when you fall.
Tundra 1.png Tundra BG A cold reception today with blowing winds and fog inbound.
Impact 1.png Impact BG A vertical cave shaft held up with girders.
Torch 1.png Torch BG A lonely mountain range.
Torch 1 Alt.png Torch BG 2 The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.
Torch 2.gif Torch BG 3 Fake trees which emit a faint light. Not noticeable during the day.
Torch 2 Alt.gif Torch BG 4 The lights on this fake tree looks like a firefly's glow at night.
Fuse 1.png Fuse BG Every single one of these plays in important role in supplying power for cities.
Wily1 1.png Wily 1 BG A menacing wall without towers in the distance.
Wily1 1 Alt.gif Wily 1 BG 2 A wall with menacing towers in the distance.
Wily2 1.gif Wily 2 BG When I said Double Gear I didn't mean doubling the size of the gear... *sigh*
Wily2 2.gif Wily 2 BG 2 Big gears need big connectors.
Error Handler
Image Name In-Game Description Added in Version
UndefinedBG Background.PNG
Undefined No description avalaible.


  • There are unused versions of the backgrounds Wily 2 BG, Junk BG, and Junk BG 2. They can be used by text editing a .MMLV level file, making them Unused content that still works.
  • The flavor text of Search Man's backgrounds refer to an Amazon jungle, even though Search Man's stage was originally located in Congo, Africa.
  • Sheep BG and Sheep BG 2's descriptions are in binary text and translate to "Found me!" and "Good job!" respectively.