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Official artwork of a Footholder from Mega Man
Description: Flies between two set locations. Can be stood on and green ones shoot.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man
Damage: 3 (green Footholder projectiles)

Footholders are special elevator platform robots considered enemies originally from Mega Man which are featured in Mega Man Maker since version 1.0.0.


Footholders can be set to move to and fro a starting location and an end location. They slowly fly from point to point back and forth endlessly. The player character and enemies affected by gravity can stand on the top of Footholders and ride them. They are not solid and can be jumped through from below, allowing for the ability to be easily jumped on with no risk of injury from collision. If a Footholder is off screen it will not despawn unlike most other enemies and similar level objects. The player character also does not need to be in the room a Footholder is present in for it to move.

Footholders are one of few enemies where selecting an alternate color palette changes how the enemy functions. They have two colors, orange and green. An orange Footholder simply flies from point to point while a green Footholder fires out small projectiles straight out of its sides every few seconds in addition to its normal behavior. These shots can damage the player character and makes mounting green Footholders more difficult.


  • Footholders are currently the only enemies in Mega Man Maker that are completely invincible.
    • Although invincible in all other appearances, Mega Man Powered Up allows the player to destroy Footholders with strong attacks.
  • In Mega Man, Footholders fired projectiles from their sides regardless of their color.
  • Footholders originally needed to be on screen and in the same room as the player to move properly. This would sometimes result in them getting stuck off screen and make levels impossible to complete. It was later patched in a following update, however this had the unfortunate consequence of breaking some early levels that expected the Footholders to be at their starting points when the player entered the room, leading to some instances of the player falling to their deaths in certain situations.


  • If several Footholders are placed next to each other to form a long moving platform, sliding—and in some rare instances, pausing the game—will cause the player character to clip through the Footholders and fall down off them, potentially resulting in their death. It was fixed to an extent in version 1.5.0.