Jumpthrough Platform

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Jumpthrough Platform
Jumpthrough Platform as seen in the easy mode from Mega Man 10
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man 10
Programmer(s): Meka

Jumpthrough Platforms are platforms from Mega Man 10. They appear in Mega Man Maker as of Version 1.7.0. They are found in the Easy Mode of Mega Man 10.

Jumpthrough Platforms are different to regular platforms as they allow the playable characters to jump onto them from below. They also come in 4 colours: red, green, blue and orange. Platforms of the same color will connect automatically. Due to their nature as semi-solid platforms, enemies and bosses can stand on them as they would in other semisolid level object.

In contrast to ladders, Jumpthrough Platforms freely allow the playable character to slide or dash over them by pressing the down and jump buttons.

A Jumpthrough Platform occupies one tile.

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