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Mm6 cannopeller.png
Artwork of Cannopeller from Mega Man 4.
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 6
HP: 3 (Cannopeller) 1 (Cannonball)
Damage: 4 (Contact Cannopeller) 2 (Contact Cannonball)

Cannopeller is a cannon with a propeller on its bottom half, allowing it to fly. They are enemies that originate from Mega Man 6 from Wind Man's stage.

When Cannopeller is spawned, it will ascend up 1 tile, then descend 3 tiles, then ascend 3 tiles, and then it will repeat descending and ascending 3 tiles from then on. While it is ascending and descending, it will fire cannonballs that travel in an arch. These cannonballs can be destroyed by shooting them, but can not be deflected by Shine or Proto Man's shield. The Jewel Satellite always destroys the cannonballs, while the shine can only destroy them when activated right before it touches the player character. Other attempts to deflect it instead will leave the player character exposed to damage.

Cannopeller itself has no collision detection with solid tiles, but its cannonball projectiles do, causing the cannonballs to detonate on contact.


  • The name "Cannopeller" is a combination of the English words "Cannon" and "Propeller".