Flame Pillar

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Flame Pillar
Flame Pillar.PNG
Sprite of Flame Pillar from Mega Man Maker
Description: A flame that rises and backs down again. Can be frozen.
Category: Level Objects
Game of origin: Mega Man / Mega Man Powered Up
Damage: 3 (flame pillar)
Programmer(s): WreckingPrograms

Flame Pillar are small single block level objects from Fire Man's stage from Mega Man 1 that are featured in Mega Man Maker. Flame Pillar blocks discharge a pillar of flames rising upwards and descending downwards every few seconds.

The pillar of fire discharged by a Flame Pillar block can hurt the player, but will not hurt enemies or bosses. The pillar of fire is also able to deflect most weapons fired at it by the player, with some exceptions where other unique effects occur.

If the Flame Pillar is frozen by specific weapons, it will function as both a platform that the player can stand on, and a wall. Most weapons with projectiles that pass through walls are deflected by the frozen Flame Pillar, while most weapons with projectiles that don't pass through walls, or are melee attacks, treat the frozen Flame Pillar as if its a normal wall/floor. A frozen Flame Pillar will eventually defrost and return to its normal state.

Despite being a source of fire, Flame Pillar can not cause Oil to burn due to the flame already appearing in the Level Builder and the engine not allowing two elements to be put in a same space.

Flame Pillar's timer can be set to "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8" or "9", in Mega Man Maker's Level Builder.

Unique Weapon Interactions (Standard State)

Unique Weapon Interactions (Frozen State)

  • Time Slow - Temporarily slows how fast the Flame Pillar defrosts.
  • Flash Stopper - Temporarily stops Flame Pillar from defrosting.
  • Water Wave - Despawns frozen Flame Pillars temporarily, if used inside water.
  • Ice Slasher, Blizzard Attack, Perfect Freeze - Re-freezes the frozen Flame Pillar and resets their defrost timer.
  • Ring Boomerang, Power Adaptor (Charged) - Projectile passes through frozen Flame Pillar without being deflected.
  • Super Arrow - Will not be deflected or despawned by the Flame Pillar, if the frozen Flame Pillar defrosts while Super Arrow stuck to it.


  • Flame Pillar is somewhat similar in functionality to the Fire Beam and Elec Beam.
  • Flame Pillar is one of the only major source of fire that currently can not cause Oil to burn, which is mostly due to Mega Man Maker's Level Builder's inability to allow two entities to overlap each other.


  • Crash Bomber will both latch onto and be deflected by a frozen Flame Pillar, at the same time, when it collides with one.
  • Water Wave when used outside water, at really close range, while in mid-air, will cause frozen Flame Pillars to despawn.
  • Various Weapons will be deflected by a frozen Flame Pillar, if the projectile is fired at a close enough range for the projectile to spawn inside the frozen Flame Pillar, even if these same projectiles wouldn't normally be deflected if used slightly farther away.
  • If a frozen Flame Pillar is scrolled off-screen, it will permanently remain in its frozen state, until the player scrolls it back on-screen again. This is most noticeable when you use frozen Flame Pillars to block Force Beams.