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The Shotman Series of enemy robots are a type of enemy from the early entries of the Mega Man Series, appearing primarily in Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3. Both incarnations of the Shotman rely on firing a barrage of shots, then pausing, and repeating, as well as firing projectiles upwards that eventually arc and fall downwards at foes. Appearance and other functionality between the two do differ however, with only the names really implying any kind of relation.

Crazy Cannon

Shotman / Crazy Cannon
Old Shotman.png
Artwork of Crazy Cannon / Shotman from Mega Man 2
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 2
HP: 5 (Shotman)
Damage: 2 (Projectile) 4 (Contact)
Crazy Cannons in game.

The Crazy Cannon or Shotman as it was originally called, is a small 1-armed bipedal cannon robot that appears in Mega Man 2 and is featured in Mega Man Maker. Crazy Cannons will fire six shots from their cannon, pause to readjust it's trajectory to fire shots upwards, fire six shots again, and readjust the cannon again back to its normal position and starts the pattern again. The shots will travel upwards slightly and then arc downwards, the angle of the arc of the shots depends on the position of it's cannon. These shots will pass through solid tiles and objects, and will despawn if they travel off-screen.

Shotman can be assigned to face either left or right, and can be given two different color variations, "Blue, White, and Red" or "Red, Orange, and Blue", in the Level Builder.

New Shotman

New Shotman
New Shotman.png
Artwork of New Shotman from Mega Man 3
Category: Enemies
Game of origin: Mega Man 3
HP: 3 (New Shotman)
Damage: 2 (Projectile) 4 (Contact)
A New Shotman in game.

New Shotman are small bipedal robots equipped with several cannons built into their bodies. New Shotman are implied to be improved versions of the Crazy Cannon, the classic Shotman from Mega Man 2. New Shotman first appeared in Mega Man 3, appearing in multiple stages.

If the player is farther than 4.5 tiles away from New Shotman horizontally, New Shotman will be in a "passive state". In this "passive state", New Shotman stands still and fires a barrage of three shots in both horizontal directions from the rotating ring of cannons along the sides of his head, shortly pauses, and repeats. These horizontal shots can travel through solid objects and tiles, and will despawn when they travel off-screen. He will do this behavior regardless where the player is on the screen, and will not be cancel this attack behaviour even if he exits his "passive state".

If the player comes within 4.5 tiles or closer, to New Shotman horizontally, the enemy will enter an "aggressive state". In this "aggressive state", New Shotman will fire two shots from the cannon on the very top of his head, shortly pauses, and repeats. These shots will travel upwards briefly, and arc downward towards the player's location. If the player moves farther than 4.5 tiles away from New Shotman horizontally after triggering its "aggressive state", it will return to its "passive state".

In Mega Man 3, New Shotman arced shots originally could not travel through solid tiles and where instead destroyed on impact with them. In Mega Man Maker, New Shotman arced shots now travel through solid tiles and despawn when they travel off-screen. This change was supposedly done to make for more creative placement and usage of the enemy in the Level Builder.


  • Both Crazy Cannon and New Shotman appear in the "Wily Tower" mode of Mega Man: The Wily Wars, as well as Mega Man II for Gameboy.
  • Despite New Shotman being implied to be an upgraded version of the the Crazy Cannons, it oddly looks nothing like it's predecessor and instead looks closer to an oversized Met enemy.
  • Strangely, only the first incarnation of the Shotman robot series was given a name change for localization, being called the Crazy Cannon. Rather than calling it's successor in Mega Man 3 a New Crazy Cannon it instead uses it's original name.
  • New Shotman, despite seemingly being a newer improved model, has 2 less HP, than its predecessor Crazy Cannon / Shotman.


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