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|[[Flame Man]]
|[[Flame Man]]

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The boss selection ingame.

Bosses are a category of placeable objects in Mega Man Maker, they are one out of three ways the player can beat the stage (the others being picking up an Energy Element and shooting a Party Ball). As of Version 1.3.6, there are currently 22 bosses. Creators can put one of these Robot Masters in a room for players to fight. You can only have 1 boss per stage, though with the help of some exploits there can be more. Even with this exploit, beating just one boss completes the stage.

List of Bosses

Currently there are Robot Masters from Mega Man 1 to Mega Man 6. There are 4 from each game excluding 6, which has 2 bosses.

Mega Man 1 / Mega Man Powered Up

Name Description Version
SprCatBossesIcons 5.png Cut Man Throws his scissor blade like a slow boomerang. Flinches when hit. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 17.png Ice Man Fires off three freezing ice waves in a vertical column after jumping. 1.1+
SprCatBossesIcons 13.png Bomb Man Takes long and short jumps while chucking bombs. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 18.png Time Man Slows down time while firing arrows at you, occasionally jumping as well. 1.1+

Mega Man 2

Name Description Version
SprCatBossesIcons 22.png Bubble Man Swims towards you, firing spurts and bubble leads. Said to be defective on land. 1.2+
SprCatBossesIcons 19.png Wood Man Jumps, summons falling leaves and utilizes a throwable leaf shield. 1.2+
SprCatBossesIcons 4.png Crash Man Jumps when you shoot and lobs explosives as a counter attack. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 6.png Metal Man Throws metal blades while hopping around to keep his distance. 1.0+

Mega Man 3

Name Description Version
SprCatBossesIcons 10.png Spark Man Fires a spread of sparks, followed by a giant volt ball aimed at you. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 3.png Top Man Spins across the room, then fires 3 spinning tops aimed at you and repeats. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 20.png Magnet Man Pulls you in with magnetic abilities and fires semi-homing missiles. 1.2+
SprCatBossesIcons 21.png Hard Man Fires homing rocket punches and tries to crush you with ground pounds. 1.2+

Mega Man 4

Name Description Version
SprCatBossesIcons 24.png Ring Man Throws a boomerang ring, jumps to throw another, then runs to the other side. 1.3+
SprCatBossesIcons 23.png Skull Man Kills. Waits for a move before striking, then fires some shots or uses a shield. 1.3+
SprCatBossesIcons 7.png Toad Man Jumps when attacked, performs a screen-wide attack otherwise. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 2.png Pharaoh Man Jumps and fires magical pellets before landing to charge a wave attack. 1.0+

Mega Man 5

Name Description Version
SprCatBossesIcons 12.png Stone Man Jumps and stomps near you, sometimes sending out two orbiting stones. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 25.png Crystal Man Jumps around and shoots either a small shots or expensive bouncing crystals. 1.3+
SprCatBossesIcons 11.png Napalm Man Jumps, then either shoots 3 missiles forward, or lobs explosives upwards. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 26.png Charge Man Charges at you and sends down coals, causing confusion and delay. 1.3+

Mega Man 6

Name Description Version
SprCatBossesIcons 14.png Knight Man His shield protects him from harm. Who knew he had it in him? 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 8.png Plant Man Makes a barrier, throws it, then walks a distance before reactivating it. 1.0+
File:TemporaryFlameIcon.png Flame Man ??? 1.4+


Name Description Version
SprCatBossesIcons 0.png Boss Door (horizontal) A door which creates more tension when approaching a boss arena. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 1.png Boss Door (vertical) A door which creates more tension when approaching a boss arena. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 15.png Energy Element Touch this to end the level. 1.0+
SprCatBossesIcons 16.png Party Ball Shoot this to end the level with some confetti. 1.0+

Unused Bosses

These bosses are not normally selectable in the game, but can be seen through hacking.

Name Description Version
SprCatBossesIcons 9.png Gemini Man N/A 1.0+


  • Prior to Version 1.3.3 of the game, Skull Man's description used to simply be Skull Man Kills, a reference to the Mega Man fangame of the same name. In Version 1.3.3, it was changed to be more consistent with the rest of the Robot Master descriptions, while still keeping in the reference.
  • During the early development of MegaMaker, Guts Man was planned to be alongside Cut Man, but was in the end replaced with Bomb Man.